Evoks Ltd. engineers are experienced in Fire & Gas Safety Engineering and Hazard Identification, they can help identify potential gas and fire hazards and verify the risk assessment created for those hazards by those with a knowledge of the plant and/or process.

To provide an effective detection system, the extent of the hazards must first be detailed, the type of hazard, location and occurrence of a hazardous situation must be assessed and documented, this will be documented in a Hazard Assessment based on site surveys, plot plans and an understanding of the process under review.

Evoks Ltd. can survey a site, a process or an area and provide advice on the likely source and dispersion of gas hazards and provide recommendations on the placement of detectors and the type of detection technology used.
Evoks Ltd. can recommend suitable fixed fire & gas detection technology and design and document a system to detect fire & gas hazards in an area and provide suitable alarm and possible shutdown/mitigation steps.